Charlottesville, Virginia's Salloum started writing rhymes in 2007. After honing his skills for the next five years he released Epitome Perennial (2013) followed by HollowDreamz in 2014. Looking widely across various genres you’ll find a category of artists like Bob Marley, Mos Def, and Rage Against The Machine whose music hit on various levels; one, the sheer gut level – strong musicianship, attitude, and power; two, the emotional level – inspiration, justice, and empowerment; three, the intellectual level – articulate, poetic and thought-provoking lines that stick with you. Salloum’s artistic prowess belongs to this same category of artists. With his smooth delivery and unique poetry, Salloum explores universal ideas in his music.

Thy 1st conceptual project ~ARTIST:
Thy 2nd conceptual project ~FUNDAMENTALIST:
Thy 3rd conceptual project ~HUMANIST:       coming soon.


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My goal has been to add value through insights, truth, and virtue with the talents I have been given. Each project I create is done using the utmost manner of my intellectual creativity so as to provide a unique and holistic perspective unto the universal energies and rights we have all been granted, due to all of humanity, as stated in the Declaration of Independence, co-authored by Thomas Jefferson and the Founding Fathers of this Great (and at times, hypocritical) Nation.
My projects are visionary expressions for thy self.
And for those who have minds open to self-reflection.
If it doesn't make sense now, in due time it will.
Each project is a sequel to it's prequel. I am en route.
Energy & Rhythm is the end of my Music SERIES.
What follows will be Thy OPUS.

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